What makes a Web Hosting Company – Behind the scenes look at Infrastructure

Whenever we access a website is seems so simple, enter your website URL or name and hit enter and presto up comes your selection. Easy hey! no so fast. There are tons of behind the scenes automated responses that make that simple action possible. Lets look at some of these processes.

Network Data center InfoGraphic

Web Hosting Infrastructure

A web hosting provider need some serious infrastructure. Lets break down the requirements.

The all important Data Centre

This is a physical premises in which all equipment is housed. Here you will have massive computing power, banks of servers, routers, network cables and a control center. Servers need to be the latest technology and super fast. Each server will handle a required amount of websites/domains commonly known as shared hosting. You them have individual servers that take care of more demanding websites that require more resources and that is known as dedicated hosting. If a server space is over sold that will result in slow loading and problematic website access.

Data center Security

This is a highly specialized area in that website security is controlled and all threats eliminated before the website or data centres are compromised. Hackers are always looking for loop holes and spammers never sleep. For this reason firewall security and anti-virus software is constantly updated and upgraded to meet current situations. The traffic flow through a Data Center is always monitored and controlled. Data center security goes much further as to secure the perimeter and premises for outside threats such as theft, fire and other destructive elements.

Data Stream Flow

The all important data stream, be it incoming or outgoing has to be constant and alive at all times. This stream is what allows us access to websites and the like. Most web host have redundant data suppliers in that if one supplier fails then there is always a second or third supplier available to take the data stream load.

The Administrative Data Control Center

This area is monitored 24/7 365 days a year and these officials keep the infrastructure up and running. They secure data flow, technical errors and system failures to maintaine continuous flow. They are an important cog in this wheel and if this service is lacking then your host will have endless failure and problems.

Power Backup and Server Uptime

All Data Centers require massive power backup systems in place. Giant generators, solar power and wind power make up this backup system. A hosting provider’s carbon footprint is large and as such most companies are utilizing alternate source of power to reduce this already large footprint. In the event of a catastrophic power failure this redundant power backup system springs to life ensuring continuous power and uptime.

Final Note

So there you have it, massive infrastructure is needed to serve up this webpage you are viewing. Tons of web traffic is bisected and channelled to route this site to you. For this very same reason many would be Hosting providers take the easy route and become Hosing reseller. This business model remove the need for infrastructure and I have an in dept look at that as a business model known as Reseller Hosting.