The Pros and Cons of using Free Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting pros and consThere are many types of hosting services on the internet, some are paid and some are free. Free web hosting is ideal for all those website owners who have small budget. This type of free hosting is perfect for personal blog or small website. Saving money on hosting helps the website owner investing in other areas of business such as marketing or advertising.

Firstly your will need a domain name registered and a hosting plan should you consider online exposure for your business or venture. Hosting Cost can add up so sometimes free services just make sense. Free web hosting is also beneficial for new webmasters because they have no experience and have tight budget and simple content of website.

The providers of these hosting services use this platform as an advertising area. However for large business, free website hosting is not good. There are many clear pros and cons of free website hosting. All customers, either the owner of small website or highly ranked website One should consider the pros and cons of choosing Free services of hosting providers.


  • No monthly charges, Free website hosting providers
  • A large selection of hosting providers offer these services
  • Software and themes available
  • Full guides and support


  • Limited storage space when using free services.
  • Insufficient data transfer limit should your web-site traffic increase.
  • Content can sometimes have to be moderated by administration.
  • Rules and Regulation according to service provider.
  • The major disadvantage is that the service providers put their own ads on your website which are aggravating and annoying for all visitors to their website.
  • Software in limited to supplier selections

The advertisement placement is the primary terms and condition of free hosting plans. In short, free hosting services have both pros and cons. Despite the cons, these services are still beneficial for small business owners. However, all business owners or would be web site owners should consider paid web hosting providers for guaranteed support and revenues.

One may also consider that paid hosting also has major benefits and can save you money in the long run. With paid services you have more control.

  1. No administration on content.
  2. Have your own access panel that is more flexible.
  3. Software and scripts are at your fingertips
  4. No advertising.
  5. User allowed installing market software.
  6. Website can be optimized and configured by owner.

If price is still an issue please considers hosting coupon and promo vouchers that will save you money on your choice of hosting packages. You should consider choosing a longer billing period for increased savings. Remember you save an amount which is calculated on your final invoice, the larger the invoice the bigger your saving will be.