Points to consider when choosing a web hosting provider

Choosing a Hosting provider is an important discussion so always consider your options. All hosting companies are no created equal, most are actually resellers and purchase hosting from a massive data centre. then you have smaller reseller, lesser client base and their servers are sometimes faster due to their lower client demand. I have outlined a few points to consider in choosing a hosting provider.

Uptime Guarantee

Hosting services uptime is an important factor. No web site owner would want their website down due to failure or long maintenance. Most host claim 99.9% uptme.

Help and Support

Another factor to consider is the help and support centre, The main channels of support is via a ticket system, telephone, chat or e-mail. Great support means greater control of service and higher Uptime.

Hosting Features

Each hosting provider has an arsenal of freebies and offer. Check that these offers are valid and not charged for individually.

Plans and Packages

Hosting plans and packages are important and as such should be flexible and scalable. Dont get stuck with a plan that cannot be adjusted according to your web site needs and improvements. Always choose a plan that can host multiple domains and large to unlimited bandwidth or data storage.

Product Review

Most products have been reviewed by numeros people, check these reviews out, they will shed more light on that particular company, beware of fake reviews or one-sided options. Also check the suppliers website for more info and advice. Nothing compares to the orignal information.

Personal choice or Preference

Sometimes people just have good experiences with certain companies. It’s a good thing to go with your gut so to say, If it feels right is probably is for you. Choose a host that appeals to you and most times you wont go wrong.

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