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The Pros and Cons of using Free Web Hosting Companies

There are many types of hosting services on the internet, some are paid and some are free. Free web hosting is ideal for all those website owners who have small budget. This type of free hosting is perfect for personal blog or small website. Saving money on hosting helps the website owner investing in other […]

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What makes a Web Hosting Company – Behind the scenes look at Infrastructure

Whenever we access a website is seems so simple, enter your website URL or name and hit enter and presto up comes your selection. Easy hey! no so fast. There are tons of behind the scenes automated responses that make that simple action possible. Lets look at some of these processes. Web Hosting Infrastructure A […]

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How to Reduce your Hosting Bill and Save Costs

Web-site hosting is a costly affair, especially when you have numerous domain. These cost escalate continually and people are always looking to change hosting providers because of price difference. A common error made is sacrificing quality for price or price for quantity. No all low-priced hosting providers have hassle free services and not all highly […]

Points to consider when choosing a web hosting provider

Choosing a Hosting provider is an important discussion so always consider your options. All hosting companies are no created equal, most are actually resellers and purchase hosting from a massive data centre. then you have smaller reseller, lesser client base and their servers are sometimes faster due to their lower client demand. I have outlined […]

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